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'Russia is in a hurry' Vladimir Putin to speed up Ukraine attacks as sanctions fuel unrest

World'Russia is in a hurry' Vladimir Putin to speed up Ukraine attacks as sanctions fuel unrest

Following heavy fighting continuing in Mariupol and missile attacks reported during the weekend in Odesa, BBC’s Security Correspondent Frank Gardner said “Russia is a hurry to complete the war”. Vladimir Putin will continue to intensify attacks in Ukraine as “Russia is suffering from the sanctions from the West”, claimed Mr Gardner. 

Speaking at BBC Breakfast, Mr Gardner said: “What we have seen so far in the Donbas is only preliminary attacks from the Russians.

“Some of which have been successful, some of which have been repulsed.

“But I think we are getting a much clear picture of what Russia’s intentions are in Ukraine.”

In light of the latest updates from Ukraine, Mr Gardner also explained: “They want to take the Donbas, no surprise there, but they also appear keen to link up further south and possibly put pressure on Odesa in the west so that they will control the whole southern area of Ukraine bordering with the Black Sea.

“This phase two, as some people are calling it, is very different from phase one which was frankly disastrous for the Russians.

“They attacked Ukraine from three fronts, they had no coordination, there was no person in charge.

“That’s all changed, as they appear to have learned some lessons.

“That does not mean that they are necessarily going to be successful in the Donbas, but [Russian troops] have a lot of things in their favour.”

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Mr Gardner added: “[Russian troops] are much closer to the Russian border so it is earlier for them to resupply, harder for the Ukrainian forces to resupply themselves.

“So it is a very worrying times for the Ukrainians.”

Mr Gardner then explained: “There are three ways this war could go: Ukraine wins, Russia wins or nobody wins.

“Right now war of attrition looks like the most probable outcome, where the war drags on with no one side particularly getting the advantage.

“Not just because they have Victory Day coming up on May 9th, where they want to have Putin being able to show that he has achieved something but also because they are suffering from the sanctions.”


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“They want it to be completed and say ‘look Ukraine is a done deal, deal with it”, said the Security Correspondent.

“Ukrainians are also in a hurry as they want Russians out of their country”, he added

Mr Gardner then concluded: “But it is also possible that this will go on for months, even years”

The claims follow reports from Ukraine and the UK Ministry of Defence, which seem to confirm “heavy fighting’ still continuing in Mariupol and missile strikes in the city of Odesa yesterday on Orthodox Easter day.

In light of Russia’s missile attacks in Odesa, at least eight civilians, including a newborn and their mother, were killed, Ukrainian reports confirm. 

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