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Russia soldiers hoist Soviet-era victory flag in fallen city of Kherson in brutal Kyiv dig

WorldRussia soldiers hoist Soviet-era victory flag in fallen city of Kherson in brutal Kyiv dig

As Russia’s plan to focus on southeast areas of Ukraine continues, video filmed by Russian troops shows images of Russian soldiers raising a red Soviet victory flag at the Eternal Flame monument in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson as a sign of successful occupation. Kherson has been under Russian occupation since mid-March, after weeks of heavy shelling.

Video, filmed by Russian troops, shows images of Russian soldiers proudly raising the red Soviet-era victory flag in the fallen city of Kherson.

The banner seems to be used by Russian troops to openly symbolise their successful occupation of the Ukrainian city.

The video follows reports from Ukraine that seem to confirm that Russian troops are significantly intensifying their occupation in the southeastern areas of Ukraine. 

In light of the reports, the UK Ministry of Defence provided updates confirming that fighting in the Donbas region have intensified, and Ukrainian troops in Mariupol have been issued an ultimatum to surrender.

“Russian attacks on cities across Ukraine show their intent to try and disrupt the movement of Ukrainian reinforcements and weaponry to the east of the country”, also added the UK Ministry of Defence referring also to allegations that seem to confirm Russia’s attacks on central logistic networks with the purpose to stop the supply of weaponry to Ukraine.

Mariupol represents a central target for Russian forces as if seized would allow Russia to connect the region of Donbas, now recognised as Russian, with the annexed Crimea. 

The Russian occupation of the port city of Mariupol would also potently allow Russian troops to take full control of more than 80 percent of Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline.

This would potentially result in further isolation of Ukraine from the rest of Europe as well as Ukraine being completely cut-off from its maritime trade, as military analysts explained such as US Major General James “Spider” Marks while speaking at CNN.

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Referring to Mariupol and the proximity of Russian troops in the city, a Commander from the Ukrainian marines fighters in Mariupol has said: “We are maybe facing our last days, if not hours”.

Following reports from Mariupol and other southern eastern cities of Ukraine, President Zelensky openly asked the West to provide further military to support Ukrainian fighters. 

He firmly stated: “If Ukraine had the same weapons as Russia, the war would have ended by now”.

Referring to Russia’s intensification of troops in southeast Ukraine, President Zelensky also confirmed: “Intensity of fire by Russian troops in Kharkiv, Donbas, and Dnipro has increased significantly”.


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The claim indicates an open request of Ukraine for Western leaders to provide further military weapons to support Ukrainian forces in Mariupol now facing an ultimatum to surrender by Russian troops. 

In response to Zelensky’s request, US president Joe Biden will announce another military aid package for Ukraine.

Besides the US, Norway has confirmed its intention to send 100 mistral air defence missiles to Ukraine.

“The missile will be phased out by the Norwegian armed forces. [Mistral air defence missile] s a modern and effective weapon that will be of great benefit to Ukraine”, added defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

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