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Russia's £4million tank blown apart with '£18,000 Swedish rocket-launcher’ – VIDEO

WorldRussia's £4million tank blown apart with '£18,000 Swedish rocket-launcher’ - VIDEO

Images from the new drone footage, provided by the Ukrainian Ministry in reference to a previous video issued last week, showed pictures of a Russian T-90M £4 million latest-generation tank being successfully hit and blown up by the Ukrainian army in the middle of their fighting to defend Stary Saltiv, a town north of Kharkiv. In a Tweet, the Ukrainian Ministry confirmed the Russian tank was shot with an £18,000 rocket launcher provided by the Swedish government.

Last week Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence shared a drone footage video that showed a Russian T-90M tank being blown up by the Ukrainian forces during their attempt to defend Stary Saltiv, a town located north of Kharkiv.

The extra video captured the exact moment the Russian T-90M tank is targeted and subsequently successfully shot by the Ukrainian army.

The Russian tank is seen heading towards the village, but before approaching it the tank is seen being blown up by the Ukrainian army who was attempting to defend the village ahead.

Heavy smoke and fire are seen coming out from the T-90M tank as the Ukrainian army launched the rocket, which has been identified as being an £18,000-worth Swedish rocket.

In reference to the successful attack, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence said: “The price of the Russian tank industry was destroyed by the Swedish had-held anti-tank grenade launcher Carl Gustaf.

“We thank the Swedish people and the King for their help”.

The armoured vehicle represents one of Russia’s most advanced tanks.

The tank, in fact, is protected by an automated defence system, which is designed to release fire smoke grenades when pointed by an incoming missile through a laser beam.

Besides the defence system, the advanced vehicle is believed to be also protected by special reactive armour, which is designed to automatically explode when hit to decrease the power of an incoming round.

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The video follows reports from President Zelensky which seem to confirm that Ukrainian forces have recaptured villages from Russian troops north and northeast of Kharkiv.

During his national address, president Zelensky said: “The Armed Forces of our state provide us all with good news from the Kharkiv region.

“The occupiers are gradually being pushed away from Kharkiv”.

Putin’s forces have lost so far 1130 tanks, 199 plans, 156 helicopters as well as 2741 armoured personnel carriers, the Land Forces of Ukraine have claimed.

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