Sarah Everard murder: Met Police investigate whether Wayne Couzens has struck BEFORE

The Met has launched an urgent investigation after it emerged his vehicles were linked to two earlier indecent exposure allegations. One of the allegations was just 72 hours before Couzens, 48, kidnapped Ms Everard, 33 from Clapham before driving her to Kent and killing her after a brutal sexual assault.

While he was not named as a suspect in the south London incident, a DVLA check on a car linked to it would have revealed him to be the registered owner.

Nick Ephgrave, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, said the investigation into the indecent exposure was “ongoing” at the time Couzens killed Ms Everard.

The Met had been referred to the police watchdog and a file sent to the Crown Prosecution Service in relation to the alleged crime itself, Mr Ephgrave said.

The senior officer also admitted a check when Couzens transferred to the Metropolitan Police in 2018 was not done “correctly”.

It did not flag up that a vehicle associated with Couzens had been identified in a Kent Police investigation into an indecent exposure in 2015.

But he said that even if it had come up in the vetting process, it would not have changed the outcome.

The senior Met officer was quizzed on whether the two incidents provided enough information to identify Couzens as a threat to women before he killed Ms Everard.

(More to follow)

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