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‘Saving unnecessary expenses’ Brexiteer rejoices as UK blocks ‘absurd EU law’

News‘Saving unnecessary expenses’ Brexiteer rejoices as UK blocks ‘absurd EU law’

A law forcing ride-on lawnmowers to be covered by car insurance was blocked in Parliament yesterday, on April 25. The bill to scrap the EU’s Vnuk motor insurance law passed and will now go on to receive royal assent.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps described the blocking as a Brexit victory.

He noted: “Leaving the EU was always about doing what’s best for Britain, freeing ourselves from nonsensical laws and taking back control.”

Businessman and former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib agreed that this as a “great example” of how Brexit can be used to Britain’s advantage.

He told Express.co.uk: “This is a great example of how Brexit could be made to work for the UK.

“All regulations have an associated cost. By cutting red tape we can save our businesses and people unnecessary expense.”

Mr Habib added blocking the law would help Britons amid fears of rising living costs.

He said: “Savings are vital as we grapple with the cost of living crisis.”

Had the law passed, it would have required a wider range of vehicles to have motor insurance.

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He said: “I am delighted that Brexit has allowed me to promote a bill that could save the average motorist £50 per year.”

The Wellingborough MP added this was “just a small example of our Brexit dividend”.

Mr Habib responded: “Hats off to Peter Bone for identifying this saving in motor insurance and championing it.”

But he added much more should be done to free Britons from added costs linked to its former membership of the Brussels bloc.

The ability to do so has, he highlighted, been squandered by post-Brexit deals, negotiated by former Brexit Minster Lord Frost and signed by Boris Johnson, which tie Britain into a “level playing field” with the EU – one that is “anything but level”.

Mr Habib said: “I welcome the savings made by ejecting the absurd EU regulations on motor insurance. These are, however, a minuscule saving compared to what we could have achieved if Boris Johnson had genuinely taken back control of our laws.”

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