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'Scrap VAT now we're out of EU' Liam Halligan rages 'Hows that's for a Brexit win Mr PM?'

News'Scrap VAT now we're out of EU' Liam Halligan rages 'Hows that's for a Brexit win Mr PM?'

The British Journalist then went on to discuss the British economy and the financial difficulties many Brits were facing due to the increases in the cost of living. Mr Halligan explained that British businesses should be getting more help from the Government. Due to the ongoing increases in the UK economy, many Brits are now struggling and facing poverty due to the increases in fuel, and national insurance. Mr Halligan also discussed why it was not the right time for energy companies to be charging for big green subsidies.

Mr Halligan told GB News: “They should scrap the VAT on energy bills, you can do that now you’re outside of the European Union.

“How about that for a Brexit win, Prime Minister?

“I also think, and I think think this should be seen as a controversial anti-environmental thing, but I also think now is not the time to be charging those big green subsidies on your household fuel bills.

“25 percent of what you pay on your electricity roughly goes on renewable subsidies.

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Mr Halligan added: “Should we really be carrying on with those at this very very difficult time?

“There are areas I think where the Governments also going to have to give more help to businesses.

“Because we’re meant to be in the middle of a post lockdown bounceback.

“But what we’re seeing and the numbers, and I cover the numbers pretty much every day on my show on money at 1 pm here on GB News.

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The Express spoke to charities and food bank in the UK to see how they have been coping with the increased strain on the cost of living.

as many Brits turn to local food banks in order to be able to eat, as they cannot afford to go to supermarkets.

Ms Goodwin, the coordinator of IFAN, said: “Food banks in our network are facing an impossible situation.

“They are struggling to support more and more people unable to afford food while their capacity is reduced due to lack of donations and volunteers.

“The answer is clearly not unsustainable charitable food aid provision but to ensure people have enough income to survive through adequate social security payments, wages and job security.

“We’re urging the Government to address the UK’s deepening poverty crisis and to stop hunger from happening in the first place.”

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