SEAL Team season 5: Fans fear Ray and Naima split after huge promo clue 'Won't end well'

Since season four, Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) has been quietly battling mysterious headaches which look as though they could only get worse if he returned to the frontline.

After being held captive by enemies on a mission Ray was tortured and had to deal with post-traumatic stress after he was rescued.

This caused a rift in his marriage with Naima, as he wouldn’t open up to her until the season four finale when he agreed to save the marriage and seek professional help.

However, could returning to the front-line become even more detrimental for Ray and his fragile state of mind, with up to six months of no communication with his wife the two who were working on their relationship could possibly split up.

SEAL Team season five airs Sundays on Paramount Plus.

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