'Self-interested' EU savaged over talks and accused of using UK as 'captive cash cow'

Frans Timmermans howled with laugher during a Cop26 event on Thursday when asked if Brussels was missing Britain. Mr Timmermans’ gleeful display prompted a furious reaction from Express.co.uk readers.

Commenting on this website, a reader with the username FredBadger blasted: “Every day their contemptible attitude reinforces why the people of the UK chose to leave the EU.

“The EU’s derision during UK membership whilst we were the second biggest nett contributor was relentless.

“The EU is a self-interest group run by and for the benefit of Germany and France (euro exchange to boost exports and the CAP).

“The UK was nothing more than a captive cash cow which was the only reason they were desperate for us not to leave.

“The language used by the EU and certain members is more representative of that referring to enemies rather than allies and trading partners.”

Another reader called missingEUalready wrote: “They certainly miss our money. (bursts out laughing).”

A third with the username mank said: “Should have asked him, ‘do you miss the money?’…then he would have burst out crying.”

Another, Dickiebird, added: “No we do not miss the U.K. says Timmerman we just miss their money.”

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“Are there differences between EU member states that are causing this lack of ambition or are you missing the UK being part of the EU delegation?”

The Executive Vice-President of the European Commission threw his head back and could not contain his laugher.

He then replied: “Well, Laurence Tubiana sings the same song at every Cop so I’m not surprised she says this.

“Secondly, she says she doesn’t see it but there are many things in life that perhaps you don’t see that are still happening.

“I am very proud of my team of negotiators who are negotiating on every single subject right now.

“I’m really very proud of all the ministers here, very actively trying to find solutions to all the problems.

“The European Union, its member states, its Parliament – everyone is very active here to try and bridge difference and find solutions.”

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