Senior golden retriever who can barely walk has joyful time in leaf pile – ‘cutest video

Ali says that Darcy’s tennis ball and big leaf piles are two of the goldie’s “greatest loves in life”, and that getting older hasn’t prevented her from indulging in her biggest joys.

Darcy still loves to play games with her favourite tennis ball, even though she now has cataracts, and Ali says that she “would play catch all day given half a chance”.

When Ali took Darcy to the vet two years ago for her arthritis, she was told that there was “no way she should still be walking”. 

But although Darcy now travels to and from the park in her own pull-along trolley to save the strain on her legs, the “determined” dog hasn’t let her condition stop her from having fun once she gets there, as the heart-warming video shows.

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