Sex Education's George Robinson details how he influenced Isaac's disability storyline

Isaac Goodwin was one of fans’ favourite additions to the cast of Sex Education season two. Actor George Robinson will be reprising the role when the series returns to Netflix this weekend, and has revealed exclusively to how his experience as a paraplegic shaped his character’s storyline.

George Robinson has opened up about his contributions to the character of Isaac Goodwin, introduced in the second season of Sex Education.

The smash hit Netflix series will return for its third outing this Friday after its early 2021 release date was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Season three will pick up after Robinson’s character Isaac deleted a message from Otis Milburn (played by Asa Butterfield) revealing his feelings to school friend Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey).

Isaac will play a key role in the new season after his introduction to the series received positive responses from fans last year.

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In addition to forming part of the show’s main cast, the Sex Education star is also heavily involved in the creative process for his character.

Speaking exclusively to Express Online, he explained the importance of disabled representation doesn’t just come down to seeing disabled characters on-screen.

“Slowly it’s getting better with roles like Isaac and stuff,” he said.

“But I think the thing with disability and representation and how those roles are written is writers are told to write about ‘what you know’.”

Although the cause of Isaac’s injury is unknown, many of the Sex Education star’s own encounters and observations as a real life paraplegic have made it into the series.

“I have spoken a lot with the writing team with regards to some of the boring bits of disability and how that actually works,” he revealed.

As an example, Robinson recalled: “So a scene in season two where there’s the steps down into Otis’ house.

“That’s something that came out of a discussion with myself, Laurie [Nunn, creator] and the writing team.”

According to Robinson, the writers have also taken great lengths to educate themselves on disabilities, and got in touch with various charities to aid their research.

Finally, he added: “It’s just keep on moving forward, keep the discussions going and not be afraid to admit where you don’t know these things and just learn.”

The actor has already established himself as a talent to watch, so Sex Education fans will be eager to see how his character progresses in the upcoming episodes.

Sex Education season 3 will be released on Friday, September 17 on Netflix.

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