Shambolic! Brexit-bashing HGV driver says UK faces ‘messy’ Christmas with ‘huge’ shortages

Passionate Remainer Luke Vernon has held no secret of his contempt for leaving the EU. And he branded Boris Johnson offering up to 5,000 HGV drivers three-month visas to work in the UK a “stupid non-solution that won’t help at all”.

Speaking to, he said: “The situation is shambolic. It goes from bad to worse as this ridiculous Government staggers around cluelessly.

“I don’t think the Government will solve it.

“Solving things isn’t exactly a hallmark of Mr Johnson’s government.

“It’ll roll on for a bit longer and probably just improve gradually leaving us wondering what all the fuss was about and Mr Johnson claiming to have solved it. So tediously predictable.

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“Which for a large number in this country is undoubtedly true. These visas show the Government cares about no one.

“They are crapping all over Brexit voters with this like they already have with remainders over and over again.

“Christmas will be a mess. People have started buying meat already. It’s been proven time and time again that the public have no common sense yet the Government seems to rely on it.”

Mr Vernon, from south Wales, admits that his pro-EU stance flies contrary to how Brexit has benefited many drivers in his industry.

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He previously revealed how he was earning around £500-a-week after tax before his licence was suspended last February following a car accident – the equivalent of an annual salary of £33,000.

Since freedom of movement ended in January the huge shortage of drivers has prompted desperate firms to offer up to £30-an-hour – the equivalent of a £62,000 annual salary.

Mr Vernon previously told “On the face of it, for drivers like us, leaving the EU has improved our pay, yet I’m still very much against it. Why?

“These pay rises are simply a short-term boost and, in the long run, Brexit will seriously damage our economy.

“Maybe I’m looking ahead too much and not living in the here and now, but in the long-run Brexit will take much more than it gives and damage all sectors of society ultimately.

“I’m anti-Brexit because the world should be working and communicating with our fellow countries, not shutting ourselves out.

“A large part of the fact we are a pro-Brexit country is because of lies about the EU being peddled relentlessly.

“The fascinating thing is we are now starting to see the harm Brexit is causing all those voters refusing to put any blame on the EU.

“I’m a realist, there is no perfect system, least of all the European Union which has its faults but far too many opinions of Brexit are based on lies or half-truths.”

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