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Smelly boy! Couples living in apartments warned about 10 cute dogs you should NOT buy

NewsSmelly boy! Couples living in apartments warned about 10 cute dogs you should NOT buy

The number of families bringing a dog into their homes soared during the pandemic, with Kennel Club figures showing dog ownership increased by almost eight percent when the pandemic hit. And as lockdown restrictions have eased, the demand for new dogs has remained high. But there are a number of breeds you should avoid if you live in a flat or apartment without easily accessible outdoor space.

At the top of the list is a Saint Bernard.

Weighing up to 180 lbs, these dogs are not suited to living in close confines.

But as well as needing a lot of space to roam, their thick fur can begin to smell easily.

Border Collies – the world’s most intelligent dog – along with Beagles and Dalmatians, all need a lot of exercise and stimulation, without which they can become destructive, making them ill-suited to apartment living.

Springer Spaniels are also highly energetic and tend to run around indoors to keep themselves amused, meaning they are likely to cause damage to a smaller living space.

Another breed not well suited to a garden-less apartment is the Australian Shepherd.

Bred to herd animals in the vast expanses of Australia, a small city flat could not be further from their natural environment – something which can make even the most friendly of breeds turn aggressive.

German Shepherds, highly intelligent and athletic, are likely to become easily bored.

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They have also been known to try and escape when kept in small living spaces.

These dogs tend to howl when unhappy – not ideal if you neighbours above and below.

The final breed to avoid if living in a small living space is the Airedale Terrier.

These highly active dogs need constant access to large outdoor space to allow the dog to roam freely, making them ill-suited to urban living.

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