So you think Macron is wrong! Beth Rigby skewers Johnson after 'credibility' attack

Sky News’ political editor Beth Rigby put Boris Johnson on the spot as she questioned whether the British Government is interpreting France’s demands for extra fishing licences as a breach of the deal. Ms Rigby repeatedly challenged the Prime Minister to confirm Emmanuel Macron’s swipes at the UK could lead to legal action. She asked Mr Johnson for his assessment of the situation as he prepared to meet with other world leaders at the G20 meeting taking place in Rome this weekend.

Ms Rigby said: “Just in terms of Brexit, France. The dispute with France on fishing and the EU on Brexit – are you on the cusp of two trade wars?

“One with the EU on Northern Ireland border and one with the French on fishing.”

Mr Johnson said: “We’re very keen to work with our friends and partners on all these issues. If another European country wants to break the TCA then…

“Obviously we will have to take steps to protect UK interests.”

The response prompted the Sky News editor to ask: “Are you going to launch a dispute settlement with France?”

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The Prime Minister replied: “If there’s a breach of the treaty, or we think there’s a breach of the treaty, of course.”

Ms Rigby then proceeded to ask Mr Johnson twice times whether he believes the French have breached the trade and cooperation agreement struck with the UK.

Mr Johnson said: “We’ll do what’s necessary to protect British interests. But I am concerned here, today.”

She then proceeded to then ask a third time, after which the Prime Minister said: “I’m worried there might be.

“And I’m looking at what’s going on at the moment and I think we need to sort this out.”

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