Springwatch presenter Hannah Stitfall admits husband thinks she's a 'lunatic'

It went on to say that 51% of people say that pandemic lockdowns have made them appreciate it more while three quarters have expressed their concern about the future of nature and beauty spots.

Addressing the statistics, Hannah explained: “People have really taken nature on board and as a conservationist it’s amazing to see how many people have started engaging with the nature around them, whether it was a snail in their garden or the first daffodil, there was a real overarching of love for the natural world that came about and that’s because of the pandemic.

“But now things are starting to get a little bit back to normal I am optimistic that this newfound love will stay with a lot of people.

“When you think about it, it brought them so much happiness in a really dark and depressing time, so I’m hoping that it continues,” she added.

Great Big Green Week saw communities across the country come together in a UK-wide celebration of climate action, with over 4,500 events taking place across the nation to show their support for urgent action against climate change.

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