Squid Game: Is policeman Hwang Jun-ho still alive?

“It’s a pretty classic potential plot hook if they pick it up for a second season, which they almost certainly will seeing as it’s breaking every netflix record.” [Sic]

Snowtiger_327 commented: “Everything was super melodramatic, without substance. Examples: The cop discovering corruption sub-plot went nowhere and ended on a confusing note, but ALSO it was his brother at the end. Why was his brother even working for the game creator? It just felt dramatic with no explanation.” [Sic]

Muchomanga said: “What happened to the cop? The masked guy (aka his bro) shoots him in the shoulder then we see him healing his wound and the two of them sitting together. Then we don’t see the cop ever again?” [Sic]

Immaprinnydood responded: “I think they wanted to leave it ambiguous so they could decide what to do with him in season 2, just a guess though.”

On Twitter, seph7 said: “IF there’s squid game s2, im guessing lee byung hun is going to be a regular member of the show? bcs there’s so much to tell about his character and how he got to be the front man, and we still don’t know if the policeman is still alive or not.” [Sic]

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