Steph's Packed Lunch viewers freak as show freezes during spooky segment 'Possessed!

Steph’s Packed Lunch guest Lisa Armstrong joined the show on Wednesday afternoon to showcase some Halloween make-up looks to the viewers. Dane Baptise, Michael Portillo, Anthony Costa and Britt Ekland joined Steph at the end of the show to discuss spooky Halloween road names such as “Elm Street” however, a glitch appeared on screen leaving Dane stuck on the screens of viewers.

Taking to Twitter to express their superstitions and confusion over what had happened, Laura Lawson wrote: “Steph’s Packed Lunch froze on this guy while they were talking about being superstitious so now he’s playing ‘Superstition’. You’re welcome. #stephspackedlunch.”

Stapleford Railway also added: “Quite an apt strap line as @Channel4 on sky satellite has frozen for last 10 mins on #stephspackedlunch #NightmareOnElmStreet even after break to add come back on same scary screen now finally they realise.”

“Are you superstitious? TV freezes… Anyone else’s TV been like this for a while now? #channel4 #stephspackedlunch #Superstitious,” ItsLemonPunch commented.

“Are @Channel4 having issues yet again? Watching the end of @PackedLunchC4 & the screen has frozen to @DaneBaptweets like this……..and as I write this tweet the show has ended though didn’t see it! #stephspackedlunch @StephLunch,” Tanvir Hamid echoed.

More to follow…

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