‘Stop acting like you despise old people!’ Rantzen in furious takedown of BBC

Esther Rantzen joined Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell on Good Morning Britain to discuss the future of the BBC on Wednesday. While discussing the views and actions of the broadcasting company, Rantzen entered into a ferocious takedown, explaining that she thinks it needs to “play the PR game’ and accommodate a wider demographic.

The debate arose following comments from Nadine Dorries which suggested the BBC was no longer needed in the world of streaming. 

Reid questioned Rantzen: “Esther, do you sense that there is a growing onslaught on the BBC and the way that it’s funded?

“Earlier this year, Oliver Dowden, who was the culture secretary before Nadine Dorries, said that decriminalising the BBC licence fee, which probably led to more people not paying it was still under active consideration.

“Nadine Dorries has questioned whether the BBC will still exist in a decade, Boris Johnson has come out and said, ‘No, it’ll be around for a long time to come.’

“But a long time to come isn’t forever, is it? is there a chipping away at its authority?” she asked.

Rantzen went on to explain that politicians don’t tend to like the BBC and said the left-wing has been just as vicious in their attacks on the BBC.3

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She continued: “I just wish the BBC would stop shooting itself in the foot, 

“I wish it would stop paying its senior executives such ridiculous sums of money.

“Because they have a wonderful toy to play with, their only obligation is to please viewers, their obligation is only to the viewers.

“So, stop paying your executives such huge sums of money, forgive me, saying stop paying presenters such huge sums of money.

“Stop behaving as if you despise older viewers, for example, Eggheads was removed because it was supposed to have too old of an audience.

“Try and play the PR game as effectively as some of the other competitors in the broadcasting field do,” she slammed.

More to follow… 

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