Strictly star Dan Walker's colleague talks dance blunder as she labels him 'irritating'

Speaking to former Strictly Come Dancing professional Flavia Cacace-Mistry on Sunday’s BBC Breakfast, Katherine said she felt sorry for fellow host Dan Walker after he made a mistake during his dance. During his Foxtrot on the hit BBC competition, Dan suffered a noticeable slip-up which was picked up on by the judges, and Katherine deemed him ‘irritating’.

“We have to talk about Dan,” the 39-year-old presenter commented.

“Because he has those ballroom elements but just that big mistake. You could see his shoulders slump when he had to face the criticism of the judges.”

Flavia replied: “That is the thing,” adding: “I said in the beginning, he will be good at ballroom, he needs to stick with it, keep going, working on the hold.

“Because he does not have that performance experience, when something goes wrong, immediately you can see it in his face.

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“I was like ‘no, keep going’. He did keep going and that is good and hopefully that is a learning curve.”

Responding, the presenter remarked: “He is one of those irritating people who has never not been good at anything, so to make this mistake.

“He quickly got back into it.” The former Strictly star agreed: “He did, he just let his face sort of tell that it happened.

“Sometimes on-screen you cannot see the mistakes. He could have got away with it more.

“I had three,” replied the 41-year-old. “Rose and Giovanni, it was a beautiful performance.

“For week three it was stunning. What was so nice was the simplicity of it.

“Sometimes you can have a lot going on with costumes and special effects, and somebody comes along with something simple and classic.

“They stayed in a hold pretty much the whole of the Foxtrot, and it gave her a chance to master the footwork.”

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