Sturgeon faces referendum humiliation as pro-independence rallies suffer dwindling crowds

George Galloway has proclaimed that Scotland is “passed peak Scottish nationalism”. In a dire warning to Nicola Sturgeon, the former Labour MP said on his RT talk show that the polls were returning to the levels seen in the original 2014 referendum. At the time, the No campaign beat the Yes campaign 55 percent to 45 percent.

Mr Galloway also pointed to shrinking crowds at pro-independence rallies across Scotland as proof that support to break up the union was dropping off.

He hit out at Ms Sturgeon for “virtue-signalling for the nationalist project”.

The remarks come as a caller from Glasgow, Sarkar, asked Mr Galloway on the programme why people were “following Sturgeon right down the cliff”.

The former MP responded that he was “100 percent convinced that we have passed peak Scottish nationalism”.

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He continued: “The numbers in the polls show it. If you include the ‘uncertain’ and ‘don’t knows’ in the polls, we are right back where we started seven years ago.

“Those ‘don’t knows’ broke against independence 9 to 1 in the 2014 referendum.

“We are back to 55 to 45, maybe even 57 to 43. But you can measure it in another way.

“Demonstrations that four years ago were attracting 100,000 people are now scarcely attracting 1,000 people.

Earlier this week, the SNP has posted a survey to homes in Edinburgh asking them to name their “main worries” about Scotland becoming independent.

Issues posed include currency, pensions and the border.

Lib Dem MP Wendy Chamberlain said: “The public is right to be worried.

“The SNP know their plans would mean ditching the pound, a hard border with England and leaving Scotland outside both the UK and EU.

“I imagine constituents in Edinburgh Pentlands would rather a bit more time was spent making sure bins were picked up, potholes fixed and schools open, rather than agitating over independence.”

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