Sturgeon makes 'desperate' IndyRef2 bid claiming 'Scotland closer to Arctic than London'

The bizarre comments came in the First Minister’s Arctic Circle speech after she had met with Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdottir. The speech was meant to unveil how Scotland could contribute and gain from its work with Arctic nations on climate commitments ahead of COP26 in Glasgow in two weeks time. But in her address, Ms Sturgeon made a bizarre comment. She said: “I’m going to claim that prize today for Scotland because the north of Scotland is closer to the Arctic than it is to London.

“That explains why we increasingly want to build closer collaborations with our Arctic neighbours.”

It sparked outrage on social media.

Twitter user AGP said: “How desperate is Sturgeon here? Does she not realise that Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen are nearer to London than the Arctic Circle by a long way.

“Not that it matters, what an utter embarrassment.”

Twitter user @clark_roslyn wrote: “She thinks Scotland is closer to the Arctic, so why is Scotland attached to England?

“You cannot afford to go it alone, look at the state of Scotland.”

Ms Sturgeon also said:“Scotland’s ties with Iceland are mirrored in our connections to many Arctic states today: Ancestral ties to Canada, and trading ties to Korea and Japan.”

“Scotland and Iceland share ties that go back centuries. The early history of the Orkney Islands was chronicled in the Icelandic sagas more than 800 years ago.”

“Scotland may not quite geographically be part of Arctic Circle, but in our heritage, culture, policy approach, and weather, there is much that we share.”

But these comments were also slammed by critics.

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The move has put Scotland in lock horns with Westminster in a battle for Indyref2 to take place.

But these comments from Ms Sturgeon are unlikely to be enough to convince Prime minister Boris Johnson to permit Scotland a second referendum.

Mr Johnson has in the past repeatedly said he will not agree to loan the Scottish Parliament the powers it needs to legally hold an IndyRef2 – known as a Section 30 order.

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