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Sturgeon nightmare as voters turn against FM on cost of living response 'Making it worse'

NewsSturgeon nightmare as voters turn against FM on cost of living response 'Making it worse'

The Deltapoll commissioned by Scottish Labour interviewed 1,001 people with only 21 percent saying that Ms Sturgeon had handled the cost of living crisis “very well” or “quite well”. However, 44 percent said that the First Minister had responded “quite badly” or “very badly” to the crisis.

Around 29 percent of voters said that Ms Sturgeon had performed “neither well or badly” while 6 percent said that they did not know.

Critics of the SNP led Scottish government have accused it of providing a lack of support for low income Scots in light of soaring energy bills.

Opponents of the nationalist administration at Holyrood have not been placated by the £150 support announced in the SNP’s recent budget for those that receive a council tax reduction.

This is partly because Holyrood is giving the same amount to people in bands A-D regardless of how much they earn.

The Poverty Alliance blasted the policy, which resembles the approach of the Conservative Government in Westminster, as “deeply disappointing”.

Chris Birt of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation also accused the SNP of “largely copying” the Tories and repeating the mistakes of Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, who has made the cost of living crisis his number one issue in the council elections campaign, slammed Ms Sturgeon’s response to the crisis.

Mr Sarwar told The Daily Record that the SNP were engaged in a “shameful attempt” to use the crisis to push for an independence referendum.

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“These figures clearly show that Scots can see through the SNP’s shameful attempt to use this crisis as an opportunity for a constitutional argument, rather than use their powers to act.

“While thousands of Scots are now being forced to choose between heating and eating, they are being failed by two out of touch governments.”

An SNP spokesperson told The Daily Record that not enough powers had been devolved from Westminster for the Scottish government to make a significant difference.

They said: “The SNP Government is doing everything it can to help people through the Tory-made cost of living crisis. 

“But Boris Johnson holds most of the powers needed – and Scottish Labour want those powers to stay at Westminster.”

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