Sturgeon slammed as Glasgow in 'absolute chaos' ahead of COP26: 'UK will be humiliated'

Some 5,000 people are also being housed on two cruise ships moored on the River Clyde.

Sturgeon warned COP26 cruise ships housing 5,000 could spark fresh Covid outbreak

Prompted by a lack of hotel rooms, the arrangement sparked fears of a brewing Covid outbreak.

In the early days of the pandemic, cruise ships have largely contributed to the spread of the coronavirus due to their tight, enclosed spaces.

Dr Rowland Kao, a professor of epidemiology at Edinburgh University, warned: “Cruise ships are likely places with high transmission of Covid because of enclosed spaces, especially if there is poor ventilation where people come into close contact.

“Given how transmissible the delta variant is, even to vaccinated individuals there will be risks, so a lot of testing is going to be important.”

The Scottish Government, however, appears to be confident COP26 will be a successful summit.

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