Succession season 3 release time: What time does the new series air?

Succession season three will once again put the Roy family at the centre of a massive dispute as the clan fight for control of media and entertainment corporation, Waystar RoyCo. It has been two years since fans got any update on the characters of the HBO and Sky Atlantic drama, with the coronavirus pandemic putting a pause on production over the last 18 months. The HBO drama is making its return to the small screen this weekend and here is everything both US and UK viewers need to know about what time the first episode will be broadcast.

What time does Succession season three air?

The drama is going to pick up where it left off at the end of season two, with protagonist Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) being ambushed by his son, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) at a media conference.

Teasing the drama to come, an official synopsis for the upcoming instalments has revealed the patriarch of the family will be in a “perilous position” thanks to the work of his son.

“Scrambling to secure familial, political, and financial alliances, tensions rise as a bitter corporate battle threatens to turn into a family civil war,” it continued.

The time the first episode will be released is going to be different for US and UK viewers as the time zones have an impact on the broadcast.

For American viewers, season three will get underway on Sunday, October 17, at 9pm Eastern Time on HBO, with the first episode being made available on HBO Max straight after.

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Cast and crew, alongside special guests, got to watch the premiere in an exclusive screening a few days before the first episode was released.

Held at the IMAX theatre in New York, the upcoming instalment seemed to live up to the expectations fans were expecting.

“I really think when a show is going well it’s a bit like a Renaissance city,” the show’s creator Jesse Armstrong explained at the event.

“And this isn’t a joke, this is premium drama wisdom — you get this confluence of talent working together and everyone elevates each other and tries to be the best and is impressed with each other.”

For fans who are not eager to fork out on a membership but also don’t want to wait until Monday night, there is another way they can watch the episode.

Season three’s premiere will be airing at 2am on Monday morning for those who are able to access the Sky Atlantic network.

This will match up with the time the first instalment of the latest season will be airing in the US, meaning viewers won’t have to avoid spoilers.

Those who have a record feature available on their television sets will also be able to watch the episode as soon as they wake up or for later in the day before the 9pm premiere.

What will happen in Succession season three episode one?

It’s already been established Kendall will be a big part of the episode but it is yet to be seen the implications his actions will have on the family.

With the family torn in two, viewers will watch as the different members of the clan decide who they are siding with.

Logan might very well find his son isn’t the only one of his children willing to betray him to gain power of the corporation.

He might also have to get his revenge on Kendall for making a mockery of him in front of the public, with one of the first lines he says in the episode being: “I’m going to grind his bones to make my bread.”

Succession season three premieres Sunday, October 17 on HBO.

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