Sunday Brunch guest insists segment ‘needs work’ following Tim Lovejoy blunder

Sunday Brunch descended into chaos this weekend when one blunder led to another. The Channel 4 hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer welcomed a variety of guests onto the show, including Craig David, Mica Paris and Bill Bailey. However, things soon spun out of control when Tim stumbled over his words when introducing their biscuit themed segment “King of the Tin”. The blunder caused some confusion causing Bill to poke fun at the presenter, suggesting he needed to work on the segment.

The guests laughed as Tim struggled to get through a tongue twister style introduction.

“Why go all the way to Paris when Paris can come to you? To tell us what her favourite biscuit is, Mish…” Tim began, before stumbling over Mica’s name.

“Mica Paris,” the presenter corrected himself, causing the studio to erupt with laughter.

Simon took the opportunity to tease his co-host, saying: “That would have been really good that wouldn’t it?

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“Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s the idea,” Tim exclaimed.

“Shall I take it out?” Mica asked, still seemingly confused by the segment of the show.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Simon and Tim replied in unison.

Bill chimed in: “You really need to work on this format I think.”

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