Taliban shame: Boris Johnson sends UK team to meet with regime after Afghanistan collapse

The Prime Minister’s High Representative for Afghan Transition, Sir Simon Gass, and Charge d’Affaires of the UK Mission to Afghanistan in Doha, Dr Martin Longden, have met high-up Taliban leaders, including Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund.

According to a government spokesperson, “Sir Simon and Dr Longden discussed how the UK could help Afghanistan to address the humanitarian crisis, the importance of preventing the country from becoming an incubator for terrorism, and the need for continued safe passage for those who want to leave the country.”

Also on the agenda was “the treatment of minorities and the rights of women and girls.”

The government spokesperson added that the UK “continues to do all it can to ensure safe passage for those who wish to leave, and is committed to supporting the people of Afghanistan.”


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