Tech blackout: Fears solar storm battering Earth today will render GPS and radio useless

In another tweet, she said: “No need for drastic measures. Too much scaremongering in #SpaceWeather these days!

“This #solarstorm will be a minor inconvenience with amateur #radio and #GPS users being the most adversely affected.

“National power utilities have procedures in place for a G2-level storm like this!”

Dr David Smith of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) also tweeted: “You may be seeing some excitable tweets about a solar storm headed our way.

“1) Yes it is.

“2) Not hit us yet as of 4.25pm GMT

“3) It’s not predicted to be a whopper. G1 or 2 on a scale that goes to 5 (where 4 and 5 are the severe ones)

“If you live oop north you may see #aurora”

According to the website, there was only a 35 percent chance of geomagnetic or solar storms today.

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