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‘Ten Pound Pom’ Britons offered chance to move to Australia for £10 – price of a ‘pint’

Travel‘Ten Pound Pom’ Britons offered chance to move to Australia for £10 - price of a ‘pint’

On Good Morning Britain, Masterchef celebrity chef John Torode shared an incredible new scheme to move to Australia. Young Britons aged between 18-30 will be offered the chance to take part in a revamped £10 Pom scheme.

Ten Pound Poms was the nickname given to the many Britons who migrated to Australia and New Zealand after World War Two.

The nickname referred to the £10 processing fee required to move Down Under. More than a million Britons made the journey between 1945 and 1972.

Australia is now planning a revamped scheme to attract young Britons to migrate to South Australia.

However, there’s one key difference. Britons on the new scheme will be offered a £10 return ticket, meaning they have to travel back to the UK after their visa expires.

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John Torode told GMB hosts Susanna and Ed Balls the cost of the fare was the price of a “pint” for Britons.

He said: “The idea is you fly into South Australia, you work there and if you work in a rural area for more than 12 weeks, you can also get a second year of your work visa.”

John said the idea would be to “get these young people travelling again and get a bit of cross culture”.

Susanna joked that Australia must be “desperate” for Britons to travel to the Southern region.

Qatar Airways will be selling a total of 200 discounted return tickets to Adelaide from Heathrow, Manchester, Dublin and Edinburgh from next month.


Travellers must be able to prove they have a working holiday visa and be able to travel before September 30 this year.

UK citizens must be aged between 18-30 while Irish citizens can be aged between 18-35. John said: “When you’re away from your family, you can do whatever you want.”

He said young Britons might want to try their hand at oyster farming or “look after camels” in Australia.

Jobs are available in hospitality, outback stations or on farms including more unusual options such as camel ranches.

John recalled his own experience of moving to the UK in 1990 and said he felt as though he was part of the UK’s “culinary revolution”.

The idea might seem unusual after Australia’s tight enforcement of border restrictions during the pandemic.

Many Australians who’ve made their home in the UK were unable to travel home due to tight border rules.

While foreign citizens were blocked from travelling Down Under altogether, Australians faced tough quarantine rules.

South Australia hopes that the scheme will boost tourism as well as fill essential work vacancies.

South Australian minister for Tourism, Zoe Bettison, said: “Whether it’s in our bars, restaurants, wineries and hotels, or on our outback stations and farms, there are so many ways that British and Irish citizens can work in Adelaide and in regional South Australia, helping to not only fill roles but provide an economic and cultural exchange benefit which advantages both sides of the globe.

“We look forward to welcoming back young people from the UK and Ireland, and encourage them to make the most of these £10 fares.”

The scheme is only available on flights to Adelaide and there will only be 200 tickets available.

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