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'Thank heavens for Brexit!' Brits blast Brussels over 'harrowing' plans to create EU army

News'Thank heavens for Brexit!' Brits blast Brussels over 'harrowing' plans to create EU army

Ex-Belgian Prime Minister and Chair of the EU’s Brexit Steering Group Guy Verhofstadt took to social media to share the European Union’s latest plans to create a joint military force across the 27 member states. Similar plans had been touted before but Remainers were quick to dismiss the proposals.

During a head-to-head debate between ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in 2014, the Liberal Democrat MP claimed an EU army was a “dangerous fantasy that is simply not true”.

Remainer-in-Chief and former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell even described the prospect as a “myth” just days before the 2016 Brexit referendum.

However, Mr Verhofstadt revealed an EU army had become more likely following the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Conference attendees approved a “radical overhaul of the EU” which would see the bloc end unanimity, abolish the veto and even launch a “Joint Armed Forces of the Union”.

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During a clip attached to the post, Mr Verhofstadt could be seen with other members of the European Parliament applauding the proposed changes.

But Brexiteers have responded to the “harrowing” reforms put forward.

Tory MP and ex-UKIP treasurer Craig Mackinlay said: “Good luck with that.

“Sounds like the bitter end of national democracies, the sending of troops to war under #EU direction & with no further vetoes nothing any of the remaining member states can do about it or much else besides.

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Colonel Richard Kemp, who was sent to Kabul in 2003 to take command of British Forces in Afghanistan, said: “We got out just in time.

“All of these measures were vociferously denied as EU intentions by the Remainers but many of us who supported Brexit knew the truth.

“As did the duplicitous architects of the Remain campaign’s Project Fear.”

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