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The Contractor review: No surprise it all goes dramatically wrong

EntertainmentThe Contractor review: No surprise it all goes dramatically wrong

Green Beret James Harper (Chris Pine) is discharged from duty and stripped of his pension when medics discover he’s been taking a cocktail of painkillers to cover up a dicky leg.

Unable to provide for his wife Brianne (Gillian Jacobs) and young son Jack (Sander Thomas), Harper asks his old Army buddy Mike (Ben Foster) to introduce him to private military contractor Rusty Jennings (Kiefer Sutherland).

The clearly sinister Rusty offers the pair a huge payout for what he claims to be a very easy job over in Berlin.

It looks like Syrian virologist Salim Mohsin (Fares Fares) is preparing a chemical weapon in a German lab financed by a charity with reported links to al-Qaeda. 

As the op hasn’t been sanctioned by the German government, the bog-standard surveillance and potential virologist extraction gig will be strictly off the books.

The gritty set-up is familiar as is the film’s title (this is a very popular name for straight-to-video action flicks) and it’s no surprise that it all goes dramatically wrong. It’s basically Bourne all over again as the doublecrossed Harper sets out to uncover a shadowy conspiracy.

Pine and Foster were brilliant as bank-robbing brothers in 2016’s Hell Or High Water but come up against a far less interesting script here.

  • The Contractor is on Amazon Prime now.

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