The Handmaid’s Tale season 5: Serena Joy to move on from trauma after Fred death?

Season four of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale ended with fans on the edge of their seats and their jaws dropped, as they watched June Osborne (played by Elisabeth Moss) finally get revenge. Although fans are yet to see Serena Joy’s (Yvonne Strahovski) reaction to the news of her husband’s death, the actress hinted about how her character would deal with it in the upcoming season.

Actress Yvonne was joined by other stars and the showrunners of The Handmaid’s Tale for a discussion with Deadline about reflecting on season four and the prospects of the upcoming instalment.

Speaking about the death of her on-screen husband Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) she revealed: “I’m personally very sad to see Joe go.”

With Fred’s death, Serena was still in custody awaiting news on if she’d be freed or punished for crimes in Gilead.

This left fans wondering if she would stay in Canada or return to Gilead once she learned the news about Fred, and much like the viewers Yvonne disclosed: “I don’t really know which way they’re gonna go with Serena.”

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Despite the unknowing, the actress shared the hopes for her character: “I keep imagining her moving forward.”

Yvonne added: “ I think in the world of therapy or whatever and I think Serena is so far behind.

“In terms of, she seems like a child with her emotions like she, I think she’s just understanding that she has emotions and things that are bubbling.”

Before Serena was placed in custody, she was a very different person in Gilead, especially while June was her Handmaid.

However, her attitude changed once she went into custody in Canada, where she found out she was miraculously pregnant.

Fans immediately saw a softer side of Serena as she began to see a different future for herself now that she was pregnant.

Season four saw her reunite with June and ask for forgiveness, however June was filled with rage and the need for revenge, so she wasn’t having any of it.

In the finale episode, after Fred was killed, his finger was mailed to Serena, unfortunately, fans never got to see her reaction as a guard opened her letter first.

Speaking on Serena’s fate in the upcoming season five, Yvonne continued: “She’s recognising them (emotions) and they’re exploding out of her.”

She concluded: “Whether she ever can really get a grip on her trauma and what has happened and what she’s responsible for – that’s another story.”

As Serena is set to become a mother, she may have to move on from the trauma of her husband’s death in order to parent their child.

It’s yet to be determined if she will stay in Canada to live in freedom or continue Fred’s legacy in Gilead.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 is available to stream on Hulu in the USA and airs Sundays on Channel 4 in the UK.

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