The Larkins: Bradley Walsh on how he was nearly 'crushed' on set of family drama

The Larkins has now arrived on ITV and the escapist series is an adaptation of The Darling Buds of May. Pop Larkin (played by Bradley Walsh) is the patriarch of the family, who live in Kent in the countryside. Actor Walsh spoke to and other media about the accidents he had on the set of the TV series.

The Larkins follows the titular family on their farm and fans are excited to see the characters brought to life on TV screens.

The heart-warming series follows each family member as they each experience their own personal joys and struggles.

Pop Larkin is the heart of the family, and The Chase’s Bradley Walsh was honoured to take on the iconic role.

The series was filmed on a working farm in Pluckley, Kent, and the star said it was a tricky environment to work in.

Speaking to he said: “It’s a proper working farm, by the way.

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“So we are down there and the farmers are there doing all their stuff as well and it’s a brilliant atmosphere, I’ve got to say.

“For someone who gets hayfever, though, it’s a bit tricky, I’ve got to be honest.

“I’m taking three or four loratadine a day. And I nearly got crushed by a pig, by the way, thanks to Andy [De Emmony].

“He made me get in the pigpen and with Bessy the pig. But it’s fantastic, when you’re sat there riding the horses, it’s unbelievable.”

Although the actor experienced some hiccups on set, there were certain aspects of filming he loved.

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She said: “There was a bit of a tricky horse who liked to spit out his bridle, so when I was riding him you can see [gestures lunging forward].

“But he’s definitely a big character.” The trailer for the new series shows Pop Larkin introducing his beloved family.

The actor explained how he was drawn to the project due to its warm and nostalgic nature.

He had reservations at first, concerned that his other projects may conflict with filming, as there are many time constraints.

However, when he found out Simon Nye was writing the series, he was keen to get on board.

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The writer is known for his work on The Durrells, a series Walsh revealed he loved watching.

Bradley’s own son, Barney, also has a role in the new TV adaptation, as PC Harness, the village police officer.

In the first episode, the approaching May Day Fair is bringing a wave of excitement through the village.

But Mariette has bombshell news and the rest of the family are left concerned for their future after the tax man comes knocking.

The Larkins airs on ITV on Sundays at 8pm.

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