The Larkins: Does Mariette marry tax man Charley Charlton?

Perhaps in the series finale, Mariette will be left to choose between the two men in the ultimate cliffhanger.

Fans will be rooting for the eldest sibling to follow her heart and they will be interested to see who she pursues.

Speaking about her character’s relationship with Charley, actress Bartlett said: “I think what Mariette most admires and is most curious about with Charley is his honesty and his innocence in the village.

“He doesn’t come with big ideas, he doesn’t try to be impressive or mysterious. What he offers her is honesty and heart and I think he really respects her and sometimes is quite frightened of her.

“You know, she’s very impressive to him, riding on her horse and she says what she thinks and she doesn’t pander to him in any way and she is playful with teasing him.”

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