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'There will be NO Russia' Donald Trump's horrific threat to Putin to stop nuclear war

World'There will be NO Russia' Donald Trump's horrific threat to Putin to stop nuclear war

Donald Trump insisted the United States is holding onto better nuclear weapons than Russia as he issued a stern warning to Vladimir Putin. The Russian President put his nuclear arsenal on “high alert” two days into his invasion of Ukraine in February, fuelling fears of the conflict evolving into a global conflict. But speaking to TalkTV, the former US President warned Moscow that Russia would no longer exist should the US deploy its own arsenal.

He said: “At the same time, they have a second degree of weapon that is very powerful, and nobody can be allowed to use it, talk about it, threaten with it.

“We have more powerful than them, and there would be no Russia, there would be no Russia.

“But we don’t want to talk about that.”

Mr Trump said he thought the war was “terrible”, adding: “We’re going to be ashamed at what we’ve done, or what we haven’t done to stop this catastrophe.

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“This is a catastrophe. This is in a way already a world war.”

He also reflected on what action he would have taken against Russian leader Vladimir Putin if he was still the US president.

Mr Trump said: “I would say we have far more (nuclear weapons) than you do, far more powerful than you and you can’t use that word ever again.

“You cannot use the nuclear word ever again. And if you do, we’re going to have problems.”

It comes as White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday the US is likely to impose more economic sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and “no one is safe from our sanctions.”

Ms Psaki would not comment specifically on a Wall Street Journal report that the reported mother of three of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s children had so far not been sanctioned to avoid riling Putin.

Washington promised to reopen its embassy in Kyiv soon, as Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Ukraine’s capital and hailed its success so far against Russia’s invasion.

Both men said the fact they were able to come to Kyiv was proof of Ukraine’s tenacity in forcing Moscow to abandon an assault on the capital last month, and promised more aid to fend off Russian troops now attempting an advance in the east.

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Mr Austin said: “What you’ve done in repelling the Russians in the battle of Kyiv is extraordinary and inspiring quite frankly to the rest of the world.

Mr Blinken added: “The reason we’re back is because of you, because of the extraordinary courage, leadership, and success that you’ve had in pushing back this horrific Russian aggression.”

U.S. officials said they pledged new assistance worth $713 million for Zelenskiy’s government and other countries in the region.

An extra $322 million in military aid for Ukraine would take total U.S. security assistance since the invasion to about $3.7 billion, one official said.

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