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Tier 3 full list: Which areas are in Tier 3 now?

Matt Hancock, speaking in the House of Commons this morning, said he must report to MPs that “across the world cases are rising once more”, citing Europe, the US and Japan. He added: “No one wants tougher restrictions any longer than necessary, but where they are necessary we must put them in place to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed and to protect life. This is a moment where we must act with caution.”

The new areas to go into new Tiers comes as London was upgraded from Tier 2 to Tier 3 this week. 

The change in restrictions for the capital came as a result of increasing infection rates in the vast majority of the country’s boroughs. 

London is now in the top three places in the UK carrying the highest infection rate. 

However, the Governme has been slammed by some for imposing more stringent measures only to be relaxed again in a few days as households are allowed to mix for Christmas. 

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