Tilly Ramsay’s spot in Strictly final sealed – new data exposes U-turn in popularity

Strictly Come Dancing star Tilly Ramsay hit out at LBC host Steve Allen earlier in the week after he called her a “chubby little thing” live on his radio show. The CBBC presenter branded his comments a “step too far” on her Instagram and has been inundated with support. However, could this incident seal her victory with Strictly pro Nikita Kuzmin?

Digital marketing agency Mediaworks uses a sentiment analysis tool to find out how positively the contestants are being talked about each week on Twitter. 

Tilly and Nikita did not fare well in the lead up to and immediately after the Strictly launch.

However, the pair have soared in popularity and could be looking at a place in the final.

The sentiment tool places a value on the emotion displayed in tweets and attributes a score to each post.

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This score is then used to plot the Strictly stars on a graph showcasing who has been the most and least popular with viewers in the preceding week.

In the week leading up to the Strictly launch, Tilly sat at the bottom of the sentiment chart.

Although there was a positive increase of four points, by September 23 she had returned to the bottom.

However, there has been a huge U-turn in her popularity amongst Strictly fans.

Praising the CBBC presenter @kebabs1 remarked: “TILLY RAMSEY you are beautiful, you are loved, you are YOU. Don’t ever change for No One #TillyRamsey.”

@Racheewheels added: “Shocking about the #TillyRamsey story, a grown man calling a teenager chubby is so wrong. Bet Gordon can’t wait to have a word with him. 

“She’s beautiful and a beautiful person as well, I just hope it hasn’t upset her too much.”

“Hi @LBC, are you listening to the public feedback around Steve Allen? You give this man a platform to say his vile ‘opinions’, you should also apologise and give him a warning #TillyRamsey,” @LOOKLEFTLOST wrote.

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