Times Radio gatecrashes BBC Politics Live as Tory MP battles in egg and spoon race

Times Radio host Matt Chorley was forced to apologise to BBC Politics Live presenter Jo Coburn after an egg and spoon race he hosted made it into the background of her show at the Conservative conference. The race against Andrew Bowie MP and journalist Kieran Andrews loudly interrupted Ms Coburn while she interviewed Jake Berry MP over income tax. Ms Coburn later accepted their apology.

She wrote on Twitter: “Apology eggcepted. I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t instantly see it was you two as the scrambling perpetrators Andrew Bowie and Matt Chorley.

“I could have served up some ritual humiliation on air!”

As the competitors ran on to the set of Politics Live, Ms Coburn said it was “lively”.

The pair quickly ran off camera.

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Meanwhile, a disability activist has berated Jacob Rees-Mogg on a Manchester street, accusing the senior Tory of being “just another Eton millionaire” who looks down on disabled people.

Dominic Hutchins, who has cerebral palsy, challenged the Commons leader on the Government’s track record on disability rights outside the Conservative Party conference on Monday afternoon.

The campaigner took the minister to task over policies that he blames for causing the loss of his job as a youth worker and saw him undergo a “humiliating” test to prove his disability.

Mr Rees-Mogg calmly defended the Government’s approach as being “there to support” people as he stopped to talk to the 43-year-old member of the Disabled People Against Cuts group.

“I’m sure he will know your point,” Mr Rees-Mogg replied.

After their discussion, Mr Hutchins explained why he challenged the minister.

He said three years ago he had to undergo testing to over his eligibility to receive Personal Independence Payments and to “prove I still have got a disability”.

“I’ve been disabled since birth,” he said. “It was very degrading and it was so humiliating.”

Mr Hutchins, who said he has a degree in youth work, also holds the Tories responsible for losing his job in 2014, when cuts meant the Government “closed all the youth services”.

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