Tom Daley says he 'couldn't fully grieve' his dad's death

Tom also opened up about how his father would’ve reacted to him coming out and being in a same-sex relationship: “My dad would’ve been happy that I was happy.”

He expressed: “I think the thing that he would’ve been most upset about – if he was upset – was that I couldn’t share it with him from the very first moment that I ever thought about it because me and my dad are very open about it and good friends.”

When the presenters asked why he didn’t come out before his father’s death, Tom said: “At the time I was growing up in the public eye, I couldn’t really explore my sexuality in a way that most people do.

“Usually you can figure out who you are, but every kind of move that I’ve made has been in the public eye and then there was a worry if something was to say something, so I never really acted on anything,” he concluded.

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