Tom Daley's appearance distracts The One Show viewers 'Button up your shirt!'

Alex Jones returned to The One Show on Thursday to take a break from her maternity leave for two instalments of the BBC show. On Friday, she was joined by Tom Daley who was making his presenting debut and BBC viewers couldn’t help but comment on the Olympic diver’s choice of 70s inspired attire for the evening. 

Tom opted to wear an geometric pattern shirt with a few buttons undone tucked into a pair of flared trousers. 

Commenting on the look, viewer @VillaClaretBlue tweeted: “Tom Daley has turned up as 1972 #TheOneShow.”

@mickmar29 added: “Tom Daly off to a 70s disco night at 7.30? #TheOneShow.”

@Howardabull shared: “Do your shirt up for goodness sake! #TheOneShow.”

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