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‘Totalitarian’ EU education plot savaged as ‘unashamed attempt to control free thinking’

World‘Totalitarian’ EU education plot savaged as ‘unashamed attempt to control free thinking’

He was joined by the former Brexit MEP Ben Habib who said the move was “an unashamed attempt to control free thinking” and “the sort of thing you would expect from a totalitarian state”. Both were speaking after the ratification by the European Parliament of a bloc-wide plan calling on member states to begin teaching lessons on “European integration” in a bid to dispel Euroscepticism in the wake of Brexit.

The 6,500-word document blames the EU’s unpopularity across a number of national capitals on “insufficient knowledge of or ignorance about the EU and poor understanding of its functioning”.

Member states were urged to “review and update their education systems – and all forms of EU-related curricula content at all levels”.

Mr Jones, deputy chairman of the European Research Group told Express.co.uk: “The EU never misses an opportunity for pursuing its ultimate goal: the creation of a country called Europe.

“Education is a national competence of member states, and there is no reason why the EU should be interfering in it.”

Mr Jones, who is the MP for Clwyd West, added: ”However, the Euro-fanatics of Brussels don’t care about constitutional niceties.

“They are determined to do everything they can to form a ‘European common identity’ and thereby suppress national identities formed over the centuries.

“Like Ignatius of Loyola, they appear to have adopted the maxim: ‘Give me a child of seven, and I will show you the man.’”

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“And through its attempt to hijack the youth of Europe, the EU has yet again revealed its anti-democratic self-promoting agenda.”

While the UK had left the EU, it remained “closely tethered to it by Boris’s Brexit deals”, Mr Habib, who is chief executive of First Property Group, claimed.

He said: “We should be very careful of creeping control by the EU. If successful, it is likely to lead to an increasingly ideologically driven aggressive EU.

“We must ensure we do not allow the EU to use its Brexit deals’ hooks to brainwash our own children. To people who take reasonableness for granted, this may seem far-fetched. It is not.

“The EU knows if it can create a youth movement, its own future will be assured.

“Watch this sinister development closely – it is bad for Europe and bad for the UK.”

Speaking at the weekend, Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes said: “EU bureaucrats are not losing any chance to undermine the sovereignty of EU national states, and the projects for a single EU curriculum proves it.

“The EU has no power to legislate in education, which is a national competence.

“These bureaucrats want to indoctrinate children from an early age, like the Communists once did.”

Domenec Ruiz Devesa, a Spanish MEP who co-authored the report, said: “Citizenship is inadequately covered in curricula in schools in many EU countries.

“There is a huge gap between the grand aspirations in the documents we publish and the reality on the ground.

“Therefore we have made a number of recommendations to remedy the situation.”

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