Travel expert on how to get 'extraordinary deals' right now – and when to avoid booking

Booking cheap flights for your holiday has now become an art or talent of some sorts. spoke to Travel Writer, Shebs Alom aka Shebs The Wanderer, who has been travelling for 15 years and has saved “thousands” with his travel tricks.

Surprisingly, the early bird does not catch the worm. It’s thought that when booking a flight the earlier the better, but that’s actually incorrect.

Shebs recently travelled to Malta for £25! He booked the trip on Thursday and flew out the very next day.

There is a misconception that booking in advance will result in cheaper flights, however booking last minute can bag travellers a better deal.

So what’s the best way to book a flight? On a mobile, laptop or app?

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It’s all about finding the right app.

Shebs said: “Apps usually give better deals, I’ve found some extraordinary deals using apps.”

The apps he uses and recommends are cheap flights, sky scanner and 

He suggests using certain apps regularly to build up a profile as a loyal customer so that they’ll give a discount on top of any deal you may find.


“When you consistently use an airline you earn points, it’s the same with travel apps.”

Another clever tip to consider is the particular day when booking a flight.

Most people work during the weekday, therefore they have more free time to look for flights on a Saturday or Sunday. However, these are the days that must be avoided.

Shebs said: “Saturday and Sunday’s are the most expensive days to book flights.”

Travelling at popular times such as Easter, July or August could burn a hole in the pocket, choose to travel in March or June instead. Steer clear of half term as the prices are very high. September is ideal and there are sometimes sales.

So there’s a fab deal in the bag, the flight is selected and the booking is almost complete.

Shebs recommends to “pack light”. However, if that’s not possible and there is an additional charge for luggage, is it best to pay now or pay later?

He advises to pay for luggage on the app rather than pay at the airport. The price on the app will always be cheaper than when you’re at the airport. With these tips and tricks costs can be reduced like a travelling pro. 

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