TUI cancels all La Palma flights until next month including half term as volcano rages

The airline said all affected customers would be directly contacted about their booking with more information. The announcement came just before the October half term starts for most families across the UK.

“All impacted customers will be contacted directly to discuss their options. We’d like to reassure customers due to travel to any other Canary Islands that our flights are currently operating as normal.

“However, we will continue to monitor the situation and contact them should their holiday be impacted.

“We’d like to thank customers for their patience and understanding during this time.”

The volcano on La Palma began erupting on September 19 and has caused widespread destruction and mass evacuations.


Over 1,800 buildings have so far been destroyed with swimming pools of holiday villas boiled by the burning lava.

Around 7,000 residents have been forced to leave their homes and escape to safety in other parts of the island or neighbouring islands.

Some tourists were evacuated to Tenerife to escape the lava and toxic ash cloud rising from the volcano.

Angel Victor Torres, President of the Canary Islands, said: “We are at the mercy of the volcano. It’s the only one that can decide when this ends.”

Any customer with concerns about their flight with TUI should contact the airline’s customer services for more information.

The UK Government website has told British tourists to follow the advice of local authorities if they are affected by the eruption.

Scientists monitoring the eruption have said it shows no signs of stopping. As yet, TUI has not said any flights booked for after November 3 will be cancelled.

La Palma is a favourite destination of many British tourists who usually visit for lush landscapes and stunning beaches.

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