'Typically trying to twist truth' Iain Dale brutally slaps down of Green peer in fiery row

A heated row broke out between Iain Dale and Green Party member Jenny Jones over the Government’s climate change strategy for Britain. Mr Dale accused Baroness Jones for “twisting the truth” after she claimed the Government of “fiddling the figures”. The clash came preparations for the Cop26 Summit, where world leaders are to meet in Glasgow to discuss the climate crisis, ramp up.

Arguing on Jeremy Vine on Five programme, the broadcaster said: “What Jenny hasn’t told us of course, is that the Government is spending £1.3 billion on enabling people to insulate their homes.

“Now we can also that’s not enough, it should be more.

“But when you look at what Britain has done as a country over the last 10 or 15 years in terms of climate change and anti-climate change measures, we have done far more in terms of carbon reduction than any of our competitors in Europe.”

He continued: “Do you ever hear Jenny Jones, or anyone from the Green Party saying, ‘well actually, we have been leading European this, no! They make out that we are the worst performers on the environment’.

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She went on: “They also didn’t include all the offshore costs.

“Every time we import something from China or from India.

“We are not calculating the carbon emission.”

Mr Dale interjected: “You’re typically trying to twist the facts!”


The Green Party peer replied: “Oh I am not. I have got to say I’m probably one of the most honest politicians you’d ever talk to.

“But the point is, we are not world-leading. In fact, the UK is the last in Europe for sales of any geo-efficient products.” 

Mr Dale chipped in: “Haven’t we cut carbon emissions more than any other country in Europe?

“The answer is yes, you can’t deny it.”

Baroness Jones replied: “No! We haven’t!

“And the Government now has agreed to include shipping and aviation. That’s progress and I’m very glad when I told the government.

“I’m very glad about it, but at the same time, then cannot claim to be world leaders.”

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