UK and Ukraine in talks to secure arms deal amid 'highly possible' conflict with Russia

The Times has found the UK is in talks with Ukraine to sell weapons amid fears Russia intends to utilise the gas crisis to seize territory. The new arms deal involves Britain providing Ukraine with ​​surface-to-surface missiles.

The deal comes as the two nations secure their relationship post-Brexit.

Britain and Ukraine fear Russia plans on taking advantage of the ongoing gas crisis that is gripping Europe. The two nations hope this arms deal will be a warning to President Putin that the UK is prepared to defend its ally.

European nations have previously backed Ukraine, but Britain is the first to sell arms to the country.

In the past, the UK has only provided Ukraine with training and non-lethal equipment.

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“The Soviet Union was nothing without Ukraine.

“As long as Ukraine remains resistant, such countries as Georgia, Moldova and Kazakhstan feel themselves more or less safe because Russia is still busy with Ukraine.”

European energy prices have been skyrocketing, prompting at least 20 EU countries to draw up emergency measures.

Russia is one of Europe’s biggest natural gas providers, accounting for one third of the continent’s supplies, causing many to point their fingers at the nation amid the surging prices.

The wholesale price of gas has increased by 250 percent since the beginning of the year.

However, Vladimir Putin has denied the claims Russia is withholding energy.

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