UK cold weather forecast: Britain turns icy blue as freezing Arctic blast hits – new maps

Britain has been battered by Storm Arwen and Storm Barra in recent days, but a new cold-front is poised to grip the country in the run-up to Christmas. The latest temperature maps produced by WXcharts shows a freezing weather system hurtling towards the UK from Sunday, December 19.

Air temperature models depict a vast area of cooler air moving southwards from the Arctic and Scandinavia.

By the evening of December 19, the whole of Scotland, Wales, northern and central parts of England turn a shade of light blue.

The maps suggest this will result in temperatures falling below freezing.

Northern areas of the UK are set to be worst affected by the colder conditions.

The BBC long-range weather forecast says Scotland and Northern Ireland “may continue to be impacted by Atlantic weather systems” during this period.

The forecast says the conditions is being driven by an area of high pressure over Europe and low pressure from Iceland.

This is also set to bring a spell of wet and windy weather for large parts of the UK.

Strong gales are poised to send temperatures spiralling across central and northern parts.

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The BBC long-range forecast from December 13-19 says: “High pressure should begin to station itself over Western Europe through the week with the Atlantic storm tracks further north than in the previous week.

“This should be good for the southern half of the country by midweek, but Northern Ireland and Scotland may continue to be impacted by Atlantic weather systems.

“It will become more settled over England and Wales early in the week but perhaps still breezy.

“It will be windier with occasional bouts of rain over Northern Ireland and Scotland throughout the first half of the week.”

It adds: “Temperatures are expected to be around 2-3C above average over the first half of the week, dropping a little nearer to average into the weekend.

“The risk this week is if the high over Europe is less developed and the low near Iceland is deeper and further east. This would lead to wetter and windier conditions in Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

The Met Office long-range forecast from December 13-22 adds: “Generally unsettled across the north at the start of the period, with strong west or southwesterly winds bringing periods of heavy or persistent rain and a risk of gales at times.

“Likely to be drier and brighter across many central, eastern and southern locations, though periods of rain cannot be ruled out.”

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