UK forecast: Blustering 60mph winds to bring bitter -6C blast with ‘unsettling’ week ahead

Light snow showers are expected on Sunday and Monday mainly above 200-300 metres, however, Tuesday is expected to have the coldest morning, weather experts said. Scottish Highlands may witness a minimum temperature of -6C on Tuesday with a possibility of heavy rains and strong winds.

Steven Keates, Media Advisor and Marine Meteorologist, Met office told “It is expected that intense gust of winds with 70mph is approaching from the west.

“It is going to be a bit windy by the mid of the week. Tuesday might be an unsettled day with patches of rainfall throughout the day.”

Meteorologists believe that the blistering cold conditions are going to batter the country causing a “winter travel headache” to the commuters.

Snow can be seen in Hills of Wales, northern England, Northern Ireland and, especially, Scotland.

Jim Andrews, meteorologist, told “ Not everyone will see snow; many will not.

“Not all days will have any meaningful snow. Most snow that does fall will do so above about 300 meters, ruling out most commuters.

“Still, there can be at least patchy snow down to 100 meters or even sea level. The intervals during the week are most likely to have any wintry travel headaches for at least some UK commuters.”

He said that outbreaks of rain will be dominant across the UK. with falls of snow happening on a patchier basis with hill tracts favored.

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Mr Stevens further said: “Quite dense fog was reported from some places with a visibility of 100 metres. However, the thunders may improve the visibility.”

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