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UK hot weather warning: 'Extreme' wildfire alert in Scotland as mercury rises THIS WEEKEND

NewsUK hot weather warning: 'Extreme' wildfire alert in Scotland as mercury rises THIS WEEKEND

Scotland’s emergency services have warned that some areas of the Highlands will be at extreme or very high risk of wildfires in the next five days as sunshine and low humidity coupled with strong winds drive up the likelihood of a major blaze.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) said fires could ignite and spread rapidly as warm temperatures and powerful winds are forecast in the region over the weekend.

The warning is in place from Friday, April 22, until Monday, April 25.

Many parts of Scotland are at “extreme” risk, according to emergency services, as wildfires could endanger property and wildlife.

Keith Langley, one of SFRS’ Wildfire Tactical Advisors, urged the public to take care when in the countryside this weekend to ensure they do not start a blaze.

He said: “The key issues over the next few days are sunshine, warm air temperatures, low humidity and moderate to strong winds.

“Dead grass, leaves, twigs and heather on the ground will dry quite quickly in these conditions and when ignited can burn very fast with extreme fire intensity.

“Please exercise caution outdoors to avoid fires breaking out and think twice before using anything involving a naked flame.”

The warning comes as much of the UK braces for warmer temperatures and sunshine this weekend as the mercury is predicted to soar.

Forecasters have said Britain will be hotter than the Spanish city of Barcelona over the next few days as spring-like conditions persist following a warm Easter weekend for most.

The UK recorded maximum temperatures of 23.4C in London over the bank holiday, while temperatures reached up to 18C in Scotland.

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Britons basked in glorious sunshine once again on Thursday as temperatures reached 18C in parts of the country.

Temperatures were expected to stay in the high teens for much of the UK through Friday, with highs of 17C seen on the West coast.

Highs of 19C are expected in parts of western Scotland over the weekend.

“Sunny spells” and dry conditions are forecast across the UK into Saturday and Sunday, although the Met Office warned that the balmy weather was not expected to last.

The forecaster warned that temperatures could drop below freezing in parts of the UK as a cold snap closes in at the start of next week.

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London is expected to see temperatures as low as 4C while parts of the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will plunge below 0C.

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan said “some rural spots” could even see lows of -3C in overnight frosts during the first part of the week.

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan said: “It’s not great news for gardeners.

“They may have spent the weekend planting beneath the sun but we could see patchy frosts by Wednesday which could undo all of their hard work.

“Some rural spots could drop to -3C through the first part of the week.”

He added: “It will feel more spring-like during the day, despite the occasional showers, but not in the mornings or overnight.”

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