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UK in huge energy boost: Deal struck with Morocco for ‘game-changing’ underwater cables

NewsUK in huge energy boost: Deal struck with Morocco for ‘game-changing’ underwater cables

As the UK looks for solutions to escape the energy crisis, a major “first of its kind” underwater cable is being built. Once live, it could give Britain access to vast quantities of renewable energy. Xlinks, an energy startup, is looking solve the energy crisis by building the 3800km long undersea electricity cable connecting the UK with Morocco. 

The cable will provide electricity from Morocco’s renewable energy-rich region of Guelmim Oued Noun, and is expected to generate 10.5GW of zero-carbon electricity from the sun and 3.6 GW of wind energy for an average of 20+ hours a day.

According to the company, this project, once completed, will generate enough electricity for over seven million British homes by 2030, accounting for eight percent of the country’s energy needs.

Auke Hoekstra, director of Neon research, said: “UK to get lots of ‘baseload’ solar and wind from Morocco with 3800 km long subsea electricity cables!

“4×1.8 GW HVDC cables! 10.5 GW solar and wind! 20 GWh battery! No subsidies.

“If this project gets off the ground it will be a game changer for Europe!”

The cable will run through the Atlantic ocean, passing along the coasts of Portugal, Spain and France, before landing in the Devon village of Alverdiscott.

Alongside the consistent output from its solar panels and wind turbines, XLinks will also build an onsite 20GWh/5GW battery facility that can provide sufficient storage for the electricity its produces.

The company believes the battery facility will “reliably deliver each and every day, a dedicated, near-constant source of flexible and predictable clean energy for Britain, designed to complement the renewable energy already generated across the UK.”

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