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UK named Putin's 'prime target' as Russia warns it can launch 'nuclear strike' on Britain

WorldUK named Putin's 'prime target' as Russia warns it can launch 'nuclear strike' on Britain

A Russian lawmaker issued a sinister death threat against Boris Johnson after singling out Britain as a “prime target” for Vladimir Putin. Boris Johnson’s strong stance against the Russian invasion of Ukraine has earned him a spot as the number one enemy of Kremlin supporters. Speaking on Kremlin-controlled state TV, Russia-1, one lawmaker said Russia “can carry out a nuclear strike against Great Britain”.

He pointed to false reports that Mr Johnson had suggested the UK was considering launching a nuclear strike on Russia without consulting with other NATO partners.

This spread across Russian state TV this week in the wake of Russia’s successful test of the Sarmat ballistic missile, leading to an escalation of anti-British rhetoric.

Speaking yesterday, a Russian lawmaker suggested that Mr Johnson should be hanged in a sinister death threat, remarking that a noose “suits him very well”.

He also claimed that if Russia nuked Britain, NATO would not intervene despite its Article 5 on collective defence.

The clip was shared by Daily Beast’s Julia Davis, who monitors Russian TV, tweeting: “Appearing on Kremlin-controlled state TV, Russian lawmaker had some choice words and nuclear threats for Great Britain and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.”

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In the clip, the MP said: “Consider the statement about the possibility of a nuclear strike against Russia without consulting NATO.

“Listen, we can carry out a nuclear strike against Great Britain without consultations with NATO.

“Great Britain is a prime target for that. It is an island nation, which would minimise the damage to the continent.

“It has weak missile defences. If they move without consulting NATO then Article 5 on a collective defence may not be in force.

“I was listening to him and I thought that noose of Mr Jonhon’s neck during his trip to India suits him very well.”

Meanwhile, the latest UK intelligence briefing suggests that Ukrainian troops have continued to frustrate the Russian invasion.

It claims that the Russians had made no major gains in the last 24 hours despite the increased activity.

The British update adds that Moscow had yet to establish full control of either air or sea.

The briefing noted: “Despite their stated conquest of Mariupol, heavy fighting continues to take place frustrating Russian attempts to capture the city.”

Earlier this week, Russia announced the second stage of its “special military operation” in Ukraine, saying it would now focus on taking control over Donbas.

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