UK skipper of boat held in France breaks silence as lawyer blasts ‘over the top’ case

After deliberating this afternoon, the appeal court threw out the French authority’s demand for the boat to be held until the bond had been paid, the Telegraph reports.

The boat is now allowed to leave immediately without having to pay any fine.

After the approximately hour-long hearing, Mr Ward told reporters outside the court: “I hope to get home at some stage, today or at a later date.”

He is free to leave the coastal town, but wishes to remain with his boat, according to Mr Croix.

Mr Croix commented: “We’re clearly caught in a political game as there is a whole story spun around this entire case, whereas in fact it is a rather mundane affairs over fishing in an area that is supposedly out of bounds and about licences that may or may not have been given and catch amounts that are relatively modest.

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