UK weather forecast: Britain blasted by September sizzler as warm Spanish air hits – maps

An area of high pressure is on course to build across northern Europe and over the Atlantic before moving towards the UK. Sunny spells and plumes of warm air is expected to be felt across south western areas of the UK from the start of next week.

Alyssa Smithmyer, meteorologist at AccuWeather, predicts a jet stream may then send the barmy conditions further north.

The flowing northerly winds are poised to draw hot air from Spain and Portugal, with “above average” temperatures forecast.

Ms Smithmyer told “As the week begins, it is likely that high pressure will linger to the southwest of the UK, to the west of the Bay of Biscay, along with a separate area of high pressure across north eastern Europe.

“It is possible that the high pressure west of the UK over the Atlantic remains to the southwest of the UK for the majority of the week, with slight westward and northward migrations to the centre of pressure over the Atlantic as the week continues.

“A scenario may occur in which the high pressure to the southwest shifts north eastward towards the UK by the end of next weekend, however, this depends on factors such as the position of the jet stream and how deep the trough may develop by next weekend.

“If high pressure does shift over the UK, it increases the likelihood for temperatures to range a few degrees above normal by the weekend as warmer air from Spain and Portugal can be swept northward towards the UK.”

Temperatures are expected to push towards 20C, with highs of 19C forecast in the South.

Ms Smithmyer added: “Nearing the middle and end of next week, a more unsettled pattern is forecast to develop across the UK, which can help to lower daily maximum temperatures and allow them to hover near or slightly-below average.

“A frontal boundary is forecast to pass over the region by midweek and an area of low pressure can likely follow behind it.

“Both of which can bring cooler days along with widespread showers and rainy spells to the region.”

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